JJessie Pollock: Still Point — Thin Places: Where Heaven is Closest to Earth

Jessie Pollock: Still Point — Thin Places: Where Heaven is Closest to Earth Featured

ARTIST’S RECEPTION: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2018 — 5:00 - 7:30 pm

This exhibition is a followup to Jessie Pollock’s previous exhibition Place in Time on display earlier this year (March) in this gallery, and aims to extend the central underlying concept of “Thin Places” which she pursued in those works.

 There is a Celtic saying:

“Heaven and earth are only three feet apart, but in thin places that distance is even shorter.”

The idea that there are mystical places where the veil between heaven and earth is very thin had a lasting effect on Pollock and in these works she has captured the amorphous experience of having been in that environment.

This was during a trip to Northern Ireland which she took in 2016. It was an artist’s trip devoted to creating new work.

These new works consist of several large, vertical encaustic paintings which feature a tall, dark, haunting figure against a textured ground of beige and tan. This kind of encaustic texturing is a signature element in much of her work.

The other 8 works are essentially drawings and paintings on paper which also feature a dark figure. They are rendered with fine paint and ink splatters along with scraping and other manipulations of the media such that the background effect is very engaging. Pollock chose to matte and frame them in white so there is a purity against which the image is viewed. They are very striking when viewed in person. We will be adding these images to this exhibition page in the coming weeks.

This exhibition will be on display through October 15, 2018. All works are available for sale. Please contact Granite Town Gallery for more information on acquiring these works, and also if a special viewing is desired.