MMonotypes & Paintings by Evelien Bachrach

Monotypes & Paintings by Evelien Bachrach

ARTIST’S RECEPTION: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2018 — 5:00 - 7:30 pm.

This new exhibition of exquisite monotypes and paintings by Peterborough-based Dutch/American artist Evelien Bachrach represent the significance of water in her life, whether in her native Netherlands where water is ever present or in the hills and woods of her adopted home in New Hampshire.

Like water as a flowing medium, Bachrach also notes the flow of time — a concept which fascinates her. Always moving, fast and furious, or tranquil and soothing — or appearing to stand still.

Her new monotypes explore the visual nature and feeling of water. Swirling, flowing, shapes and forms in cooling tones of blue and green. Seeking to find ways to visualize abstract questions of time she uses water as a metaphor for time, no beginning or end to be seen.

Using tufts of steel wool in the printing process to define the shapes of her compositions, Bachrach creates one-of-a-kind works which display depth and fullness using color and value to contrast between positive and negative space, they rise up from the depths of the soul to transcend time.

This exhibition will be on display through October 15, 2018. All works are available for sale. Please contact Granite Town Gallery for more information on acquiring these works, and also if a special viewing is desired.