LLotus Lien: Lyrical Ruminations

Lotus Lien: Lyrical Ruminations

Abstract artist Lotus Lien works intuitively. Her creativity emerges as she puts brush to canvas resulting in dynamic compositions of rich color, shape, line, and texture, influenced by her mood during the span of creation. These works remain in our inventory and are avaiable for viewing by appointment. Please inquire about viewing them here.

In her latest exhibition she presents three series of new paintings which express her ruminations on life (and its enjoyable as well as not so enjoyable aspects.) Apart from the work, those ruminations remain somewhat of a mystery as the titles — if they are titled — reveal very little.

The first series of these new paintings take form in ways which combine the bold use bright, clear hues of blue, green, and pale yellow, with contrasting areas of dark brown, gray, black, and other neutral colors blended together to give the compositions depth.

These paintings are visually appealing. They are both planned and spontaneous. The elements combine in interesting ways to draw the viewer in.

A second series blends darker browns and other neutral shades to create a somewhat more somber mood. These paintings are visually stunning in color and composition. Textural elements such as scratchy pastel-like scribbles and heavily blended brown and black areas conjure up a storm-like feeling where chaos and uncertainty exist.

The third series explores a spiral element in bright pink, orange, and cooler green and blue, evoking a somewhat cosmic quality as in a galaxy composed of a spiraling, instead of unending Mobius strip.  These are not just haphazardly dashed colors. There is a depth to these spiral compositions which reveal what could be a world within its deeper recesses. Color is shaded in some and more pure in others. Some look like colored plastic panes. In one case, Lien takes this exploration toward a more painterly execution through the use of white dry brush strokes over what had been bold colors.

...colors, composition, and marks ... evoke a visceral feeling rather than a conceptual one.

Lien often does not begin with a clear intention.  Rather, she paints instinctively and allows her interpretation of the present moment and mood guide her colors, composition, and marks to evoke a visceral feeling rather than a conceptual one.  She works intuitively, responding and reacting to each color and mark she makes to guide her next marks until a balance in composition and emotional charge is reached.  While many viewers seek to interpret her work, she does not feel she needs to understand or analyze her work. Instead, like a piece of music, she feels it is meant to be experienced not necessarily analyzed and understood.

These paintings seem to represent both the ordered and yet somewhat tenuous nature of daily living.
Selected works from this exhibition are currently on display in our Galleries C and DOther work in our inventory are available to view in person by appointment.


Original artwork from this exhibtion by Manchester, NH artist Lotus Lien: